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Haapasalo, Kreeta

Kreeta Haapasalo(1815-1893), Finnish people's musician. She was a singer and composer of songs: Kanteleen(My kantele poignantly, the heavens will ring once), and Crete Haalasalo carol(Fire tuikkaa parehessa).

Hadjiev, Parashkev

Parashkev Hadjiev(1912-1992), Bulgarian composer, studied at the State Music Academy of Sofia and at the Berlin Hochschule fur Musik. In 1940 he became the lecturer at the Sofia Academy. He composed operas.

Hadyna, Stanislaw

Stanislaw Hadyna(1919-1999), Polish composer,educator, teacher and organizer of musical life. He was the founder and a long standing executive director of The Song and Dance Ensemble "Slask"(Zesapol Piesni i Tanca "Slask"). He composed piano concertos, cantatas, symphonic poems, and film music. Untiring popularizator of Polish culture with its folk art in focus. He has created the artistic synthesis of music, songs, dances and colorful costumes, all of folk provenance, which have become one of the most commonly known phenomena of the Polish national culture.

Hadzie, Bahrija Nuri

Bahrija Nuri Hadzic(1904-1993), Croatian soprano, studied at the Bahrija Serbian music school, and at the Music Academy in Vienna. In 1928 she moved to Switzerland and sang mostly there from 1929 to 1931.

Hajibeyov, Uzeyir

Uzeyir Hajibeyov(1885-1948), Azerbaijani composer and conductor, considered as the father of Azerbijani classical music and opera. He composed music for the national anthem of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the state anthem of Azerbaijan SSR.

Hajiyev, Rauf

Rauf Soltan oglu Hajiyev(1922-1997), Azerbaijani composer, and composer of film scores. He studied at Moscow Conservatory and Azerbaijan Conservatory. In 1915 he became the organizer of stage orchestra and its artistic director. In 1964 he became the director of Baku Philharmony, in 1965 he as was appointed the minister of culture of the Azerbaijan SSR. After returning to Russia, he became the chairman of the Union of Composers of the Azerbaijan SSR.

Halevy, Jacques Fr. Fromental

Jacques Francois Fromental Elie Halevy(1799-1962), French composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory, and then became the chorus master at the Opera-Comique, professor at the Paris Conservatory. He was elected to the Institute de France in 1836. He composed operas(La Juive is the most popular among his works).

Halffter, Cristobal

Cristobal Halffter(1930- ), Spanish composer and conductor, he studied at the Madrid Royal Conservatory and also studied with private teachers(Tansman & Jolivert). He was a successful composer and conductor. In 1961 he became a professor at the Madrid Royal Conservatory, then became director in 1964 until 1966. He composer operas(Don Quijote, Lazarus etc), and piano concerto. He is regarded as the most important Spanish composer of his generation.

Halle, Adam de la

Adam de la Halle(1240-1285), French trouvere, poet, and musician, he broke the long-established tradition of writing liturgical poetry and music to be early founder of secular theater in France.

Hanaev, Nikandir Sergeievich

Nikandr Sergeievich Hanaev (1890-1974), Russian opera singer (tenor) ans music pedagogue. Decorations: People´s artist of the USSR, Stalin prize (3x), etc. From 1921 to 1924 he studied at the Conservatory in Moscow, in 1925 he was inducted into the Opera Studio of the Bolshoi Theatre. From now on many appearances in concerts. He was also in the movie: he had role in the music movie "Boris Godunov" (opera by Mussorgsky). In 1948-1950 he taught at the Moscow Conservatory.

Handel, George Frideric

George Frideric Handel(1685-1759), German composer.
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Harnoncourt, Nikolaus

Nikolaus Hernoncourt(1929- ), Austrian conductor, studied cello in Graz and Vienna, played in the Vienna Symphony. He conducted the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, taught at the Mozarteum from 1972.

Hart, Lorenz

Lorenz Hart(1895-1943) American lyricist, librettist and songwriter. He often teamed with Rogers for producing stage works(American musicals), and various notable songs. They composed their first complete Broadway musical in 1925(Dearest Enemy). From then until 1943 they wrote many musicals(including A Connecticut Yankee, Babes in Arms, I Married an Angel, The Boys from Syracuse, Pal Joey), as well as songs for films.

Hasgar, Ashig

Azerbaijan Musician

Hatze, Joseip

Josip Hatze(1879-1959), Croatian composer, studied in Pesaro with Mascagni, he was a choir director of the choral association Zvonimi. He composed operas. His music represented a veritable breath of fresh air in Croatian music. He composed operas, and symphonic poems.

Hauer, Josef Matthias

Josef Matthias Hauer(1883-1959), Austrian composer, studied organ, cello, and conducting, composed songs and piano pieces similar to the minitures of Schoenberg Webern, he won the Vienna Artists' prize and Austrian State Prize, he composed operas, orchestral suites, violin and piano concertos.

Haydn, Franz Josef

Franz Josef Haydn(1732-1809), Austrian composer.
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Haydn, Michael

Michael Haydn(1737-1806), Austrian composer,brother of Franz, served as a chorister at St. Stephen's in Vienna, and Kapellmeister and organist at the Cathedral and St. Paul's Church in Salzburg, he composed church music, 40 symphonies and chamber music.

He, Luting

Luting He(1903-1999), Chinese composer, he studied at the National College of Music(later named Shanghai Conservatory), and won the contest while studying there. In 1949 he was appointed director of the Conservatory, in 1984 he retired from his position, retaining the title of honorary director. He composed piano pieces - Buffalo Boy's Flute, Songs of the Four Seasons, The wandering Songstress etc and film scores.

Heeney, Patrick

National Anthem of Ireland centennial.
Patrick Heeney(1881-1911), Irish composer whose most famous work is the music to the National Anthem(The Soldier's Song) of Ireland(Erie) - composed in 1907.

Heifetz, Jascha

Jascha Heifetz(1901-1987), Russian/Lithuanian violinist, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest violinist of ll time. He studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He made his debut in 1914 in Berlin, emigrated to the U. S. in 1917, and taught at the University of Southern California. He founded the Hebrew Music Conservatory in Palestine in 1926.

Hensel, Fanny Mendelssohn

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel(1805-1847), German composer, sister of Felix Mendelssohn, studied music in Berlin, considered equal in music talent to Felix, but her father objected to a public career for her as unsuitable. She married the painter Wilhelm Hensel, who encouraged her musical pursuits. She composed piano pieces, songs and chamber music.

Henze, Hans Werner

Hans Werner Henze(1926-2012), German composer and conductor, studied at the State Music School in Brunswick, then at the Institute for Church Music in Heidelberg. He became conductor and music director elsewhere, he also taught at the Salzburg Mozarteum. He composed symphonies, operas, orchestral music etc.

Herbert, Victor

Victor Herbert(1859-1924), American composer, conductor, and cellist, born in Ireland, he was raised in Stuttgart, and studied music there. In 1886 he moved to New York and made a career as a cellist at the New York Philharmonic, later served as a conductor of Pittsburgh Symphony. He composed over 40 operettas, two cello concertos, and chamber music.

Herman, Vasile

Vasile Herman(1929-2000), Romanian composer and music professor of musical morphology and musical analysis. He was professor at the Georghe Dima Academica of Cluj, Romania.

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Hernandez, Julio Alberto

Julio Alberto Hernandez(1900-1999), Dominican composer specializing in folk music based compositions. He studied saxophone, piano, and organ, eventually becoming a teacher and founding the Jose O Garcia Vila School of Music. Moving to San Domingo, he was a founding member of the Sociedad de Conciertos and the Orquesta Sinfonica. His works are based on Dominican folk music, usually merengue.

Herreweghe, Philippe

Philippe Herreweghe(1947- ), Belgian conductor, studied medicine and music at the Ghent University, he began conducting and in 1970 he founded the Collegium Vocale Ghent, and gave up medicine. He is principally known as a conductor of J. S. Bach. As a guest conductor, he has conducted Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Stavanger Symphony, the Rottendam Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic

Herrmann, Bernard

Bernard Herrmann(1911-1975), American composer and conductor, studied at New York University and Julliard. he worked at CBS Radio as arranger and conductor. He composed film scores, stage works, other orchestral and chamber music

Herschel, Sir Frederick William

Sir Frederick William Herschel(1738-1822), German-British astronomer and musician, learned music from his father, played in a band. During 1760's he established a reputation in England as violinist and conductor. During 1770's he devoted himself from music to astronomy. He composed 24 symphonies, concertos, and keyboard music.

Higazi, Shayk Salamah

Shayk Salamah Higazi(1852-1917), Egyptian singer and composer, sang in a religious choral group during his young age. then worked with various troupes performing his music acting and singing in leading parts.

Hilario, Augusto

Augusto Hilario(1864-1896), Portuguese singer and guitar player. His great capacity to improvise made him a popular and subline figure that worked his audience into enthusiasm, having performed in Viseu, Cimbra, Lisbon, Espinho etc.

Hill, Joe

Joe Hill(1879-1915), also known as Joseph Hillstrom, Swedish-American labor activist, song-writer. His songs frequently appropriated familiar melodies from songs of his time. He coined the phrase "pie in the sky", which appeared in his song "The Preacher and the Slave". Other songs are: "The Tramp", "There is Power in a Union", "Rebel Girl", and "Casey Jones: Union Scab".

Hindemith, Paul

Paul Hindemith(1895-1963), German composer and conductor, studied at the Frankfurt Conservatory, he was able to play various instruments, concertmaster of the Frankfurt orchestra, in 1927 he went to Berlin and taught at the Hochschule fur Musik. In 1940 he emigrated to US and taught at Yale and Cornell universities. In 1947 he returned to Europe and settled in Switzerland. He composed 7 operas, concertos, 40 orchestral works, and chamber music.

Hmyrya, Borys

Borys Hmyrya(1903-1969), Ukrainian opera and chamber singer(bass). He was called "Borys the Great". He studied music at the Kharkiv Conservatory after studying civil engineering at the Kharkiv Institute, then sang at the Kharkiv Opera Theater, he sang mostly the roles of Russian operas. He was awarded: People's Artist of the USSR(1951), Winner of the State Prize of USSR(52), and holder of the Order of Lenin(1960).

Hoffmann, Ernest Amadeus

Ernest Amadeus Hoffmann(1776-1822), German composer, conductor and music critic, studied music from his uncle, studied law at the University of Konigsberg, then went to Berlin to study music, conducted Hamburg Opera, also conducted in Dresden and Leipzig. In 1814 he was appointed as a judge in Berlin. He composed 20 stage works, and piano pieces.

Hofhaymer, Paul

Paul Hofhaymer(1459-1537), Austrian composer and organist, considered as the finest organist of his time, expert on organ building, he was organist to Maximilian, then in Salzburg as organist at the Cathedral and to the archbishop, he composed 24 songs, and liturgical organ music.

Holender, Ioan

Ioan Holender(1935- ), Romanian born Austrian opera administrator. He intended to study engineering, but became interested in singing. After completing his music studies, he was an operatic baritone and concert singer. He was appointed as Secretary-General of the Vienna State Opera, later became the director, he also led the Vienna Volksoper for 4 years.

Holst, Gustav

Gustav Holst(1874-1934), British composer, studied music from his father first, then studied at Oxford and Royal College of Music in London, taught at James Allen's School, St. Paul's Girl School, Reading College, and Royal College of Music, visiting professor at Harvard. He composed several stage works, chamber music and orchestral suites(The Planet Suite).

Honegger, Arthur

Arthur Honegger(1892-1955), French composer, studied at the Zurich and Paris conservatories, one of the "Les Six", he was active as lecturer and conductor, taught at the Ecole normale in Paris, he wrote over 200 works including 4 operas, 3 string quartets, violin sonatas, and 44 film scores.

Horowitz, Vladimir

Vladimir Horowitz(1903-1989), Russian pianist, studied at the Kiev Conservatory, debut in 1921, and in 1923 he gave 70 concerts in Russia. Debut in New York with New York Philharmonic in 1928, he married Toscanini's daughter, Wanda. Between 1928 and 1936 he gave over 100 concerts in US and Europe each year. He stopped to perform in 1953, but returned to concert stage in 1965 at Carnegie Hall.

Hristic, Stevan

Stevan Hristic(1885-1958), Serbian composer, remembered best for his technically cultivated compositions in the Neoromanticist, veristic, and Romanticist-Impressionaist styles.

Hristov, Boris

Boris Hristov(1914-1993), Bulgarian opera singer(bass), he demonstrated early his singing talent and sang in the choir, studied in Sofia and Italy, made opera debut in 1946, sang in La Scala, Venice, London, Naples, Barcelona etc. For half a century he was the absolute master of all prestigious stages of the world.